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Darkness Falls Again

'Darkness Falls Again' is my new work and one of my best creations... 

Is a soundtrack album highly inspired on Akira Yamaoka one of my best musical inspirations, Frédéric Motte and some survival horror video games like 'Silent Hill' 'Nightmare Creatures' and 'Cry Of Fear' this is a tribute for all these awesome video games and his sountrack composers, I hope you enjoy this... I'm writing a history about this album... this is a small summary: 

 Is a man with a dark past, his mother abandoned him as a teenager because she suffered from mental problems. Years after his mother was killed in the hospital and months later began to hear cases of murder without explanation in the hospital, an acquaintance tells him that his mother was not killed and that he should find her in the hospital, he goes to place but his nightmare is about to begin and darkness falls again. 

Available on ReverbNation, Spotify and Bandcamp.