Blaynoise (born 1993) is an Electronic Music Producer and composer of soundtracks for films and video games.His music is inspired by his life, works of art and musical artists like Akira Yamaoka, Kavinsky, Deadmau5, Rob Swire, Hans Zimmer among others. His first production Aftershock EP was realized in the year 2013 and at the moment premiered his new work End EP.

Biographical review


First works

It shows his first musical works like remixes and original subjects in the year 2013, in October of that same year it released its first EP called Aftershock which includes 6 tracks, fuses genres like electro house and drum and bass.His second EP Bloody Party was released on February 1, 2014 and broadcast on radio station Radionica, with a total of 9 songs. In December of that same year, he premiered Evolution EP, which marked his career as a producer thanks to the fusion of genres and improvements in quality and production.



The year 2015 was the year in which his notability began to boom, premiered several productions including his hit EP called Enemy was released through the label Bonerizing Records and received the support of important DJ's and producers like Borgore, Far Too Loud, DJ Bl3nd , Excision, Kannibalen Records and others. In July of that same year he presented his remix of the song Night Shine for Excision and was included in the compilation of official remixes and released on the label Rottun Records, this is one of the most important achievements. In October he presented the record label Feelnoise Music and premiered one of his best works Nightmare EP an experimentation and fusion of a variety of cinematographic styles with genres such as electro house, drum and bass.

He has also composed a soundtrack called Darkness Falls Again which premiered in 2016 having a good critique for its intensity, dark atmosphere and was inspired by artists and works such as Akira Yamoka, Frédéric Motte and horror video games soundtracks such as Silent Hill, Cry Of Fear and others. 


In the month of October of the year 2017 premiered a new EP called END in this one shows a fusion of sounds influenced by the music of years 80's with the style that has characterized it from its beginnings.

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